About Us

“Istanbul Yiyecek Icecek Grubu” / Istanbul Food & Beverage Group (IFBG)- is committed to set the trends of the rapidly evolving world of gastronomy in Turkey. “Fast pace” drives all people around the globe and yet better diffuses its obligations into lives without much say. IFBG’s belief emerges from this global challenge to simply bring “Good Food” the right way to all the people who seek a better life. 

The Istanbul Food & Beverage Group consists of “Mikla“, the “numnum café & restaurant“, "Trattoria Enzo", "Kronotrop", "Terra Kitchen" chain and the groups research lab, the “workshop.” The IFBG covers and delivers its ideal to many segments of the gastronomy industry from casual to refined dining. IFBG’s solid foundation in the Food & Beverage industry with a highly educated team, know-how and experience places the Group in a leading position. 

The Istanbul Food & Beverage Group today clearly holds an influential position in the Turkish Food & Beverage sector. IFBG is committed to sign onto new visionary projects as it expands its services with passion quality and dedication. After its successful partnership of four years with Mars Entertainment Group and Colony Capital, IFBG entered into another successful partnership with one of the leading private equity funds of Turkey, İş Private Equity, in December 2012. In the scope of this exquisite collaboration, two leading forces have joined their powers to create a solid and dynamic growth while shaping the industry towards new horizons. 

Downtown, Istanbul’s first contemporary chef-owned restaurant set a leading example of true dining in Istanbul with its Mediterranean/Scandinavian Cuisine. 

NuTeras with its Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine was the new visionary concept to introduce IFBG to international recognition by offering a unique blend in food. Lokanta with its International/Turkish cuisine was created to reach a broader clientele with its casual and lively atmosphere. While Caterer simply carried the mission of bringing high quality cuisine and service to varying locations, numnum became the star of casual, good and tasty food at a good value. numnum continues to grow. With Mikla, IFBG's goal is to really stretch “customer's senses” to the upper limits by combining quality food and beverage with the elements of exquisitely relaxing design and distinguished music. Today Mikla, has become a major player both locally and internationally with its unique cuisine created within the emerging concept of the New Anatolian Kitchen

In addition to Mikla and numnums, IFBG continues to offer unique and innovative dining experiences. With the introduction of several new restaurants. Trattoria Enzo, an Italian family restaurant; Terra Kitchen a new concept where fresh and great tasting food at competitive prices meets with highly time-sensitive customers; and Kronotrop, the pioneeer of hand crafted specialty coffee in Turkey. 

Several selected TV cooking shows, have allowed IFBG to even reach a larger circle by offering easy and quality food to millions. “Lokanta’dan Eve” / From Lokanta to your Home - was the latest TV cooking project which has successfully combined good food under fast paced environments with fundamental human values. With its unique approach, the “Lokanta’dan Eve” TV program was aiming to blend good cooking with a fun lifestyle. The main objective of the program was to get people excited about good food & beverage, and encourage them to cook.